He, Dario, is as exuberant as she, Marisa, is discreet. Like all couples who get on well together, they complete each other. Dario wins over the customers, who spontaneously put themselves in his hands. They trust him. Marisa charms them with her smile, her thoughtful manner. Dario has a supreme knowledge of wines, particularly champagne and sparkling wines. But he is also a superb chef: it is he who organises and runs the kitchen. And it is he who purchases the seafood. The Campiello is a treasure trove with paintings and sculptures by great artist, described by Dario with the same knowledge and contagious enthusiasm he uses to present his food and wines. Marisa's smile. grace and refined elegance are reflected in every corner. Where everything is meticulously thought out: the bunches of flowers, the preparation of the tables, the books to consult.

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